Spanish Society for Gene and Cell Therapy

The objectives of the SETGyC are to boost the profile of gene and cell therapy in Spain and internationally, to facilitate communication and exchange of expertise and resources between professional organisations and to provide advice and advocacy in all themes relating to new and existing gene and cell therapies.

Gene and cell therapies form an integral part of biomedicine that could revolutionise the treatment of many pathologies most of which do not have any alternative therapy at the moment.  It is an ever evolving field which requires collaboration between experts in many different areas of biology, engineering and medicine etc. The enormous potential of these therapeutic strategies has raised the expectations of society but also comes with some misgivings in terms of ethics and safety. Through its activities, the SETGyC hopes to support basic and translational research aimed at the advancement of gene and cell therapy in our country by promoting the incorporation of the latest international developments in the field.  The SETGyC aims to provide a link between researchers, health professionals, regulators and Spanish society to better understand the current state of knowledge and application of gene and cell therapy.