ESGCT was founded in January 1992 as the European Working Group on Human Gene Transfer and Therapy (EWGT). The Society was renamed the European Society of Gene Therapy (ESGT) in 1998. In 2007, the Society's name was changed again to ESGCT to reflect that the fields of gene and cell therapy can not be separated from one another. In 2017 ESGCT celebrated its 25th anniversary at the Annual Congress in Berlin.

Watch a video with some testimonials for more.

25 years of ESGCT

In 2017, ESGCT organised its 25th Congress in Berlin, in collaboration with DG-GT. Watch our slideshow celebrating 25 years of ESGCT and of gene & cell therapy in Europe. The people in our society make it so worthwhile and we would love to add even more faces to this slideshow for our next anniversary!



More information

For further information on the European Society of Gene and Cell Therapy please contact  office@esgct.eu