About the SETGyC

The Spanish Society of Gene and Cell Therapy is a non-profit organisation representing scientists and health professionals interested in these innovative therapies.

The SETGyC is a scientific and educational association, which aims to fulfill the following purposes:

  1. Promote original research in Spain on gene and cell therapy as well as adapting new related techniques
  2. Establish a forum for professionals linked to gene and cell therapy to help the development and application of these new therapeutic strategies.
  3. Contribute to the broadcasting of different aspects of gene and cell therapy among health professionals so as to facilitate its implementation as a new form of treatment.
  4. Be a reference to society in explaining gene and cell therapy progress and constraints, and generally all matters that may arise around them.
  5. Act as interlocutor with the Spanish government to advise from on technical and scientific aspects of those rules, regulations or evaluation criteria that affect directly or indirectly issues related to gene and cell therapy.

    To meet these ambitious goals, we need the active involvement of basic researchers, experts in translational medicine, clinical colleagues, industry representatives, regulators, public bodies and private funding and patient organisations. Only through our joint efforts will we be able to effectively boost research and development of new gene and cell therapies.
    Therefore I invite you to join the SETGyC as an active member and participate regularly in our activities and conferences.

    As an active member of the Society you will receive updated information not only on the SETGyC, but also of other similar organisations, you will have open access to the journal of the European Society for Gene and Cell Therapy (ESGCT): HUMAN GENE THERAPY, you will have special discounts for participation in the activities of the SETGyC, it will be easier for you to establish new collaborations to advance your work and ultimately contribute to more effective development of new treatments for inherited and acquired diseases.