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ESGCT is delighted to offer the following benefits as a result of membership, To join and you do not yet have a user account, click here to "Create an Account". Once you have an account for the website, click "Membership status" on the right hand side and follow the instructions.

Networking and Community

  • Meet your colleagues at our events
  • Find out about gene and cell therapy organisations with exclusive access to our Heatmap
  • Stay up to date through the blog and news on our website, Facebook and Twitter
  • Be part of the ESGCT membership which funds the annual Spring School, an intensive workshop-like 3-day school for students, where attendance is entirely free for them

Discounts and Opportunities


Professional Development 

  • Join workshops at our Annual Congress and Spring School
  • Get access to our Job Board, both online and at our events
  • Gain experience by volunteering at events or contributing to our blog, news or social media

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