Postdoctoral fellow in transplant immunology, Lyon University School of Medicine

The Laboratory of Prof Thaunat, MD, PhD at Lyon University School of Medicine, Department of Transplantation and Clinical Immunology is accepting applications for a postdoctoral fellow in transplant immunology.

The Transplantation and Clinical Immunology department of Lyon University Hospital (Hospices Civils de Lyon, HCL) is France's second university hospital. HCL have pioneered solid organ transplantation with Alexis Carrel in the beginning of the 20th century and have since maintained a tradition of innovation in this field (development of anti-lymphocyte serum in the 60s’, the first hand and face transplantations performed in the world…etc). HCL transplantation department is currently one of the largest transplantation centres in Europe, performing 200+ transplantations a year. Among its expertise is the transplantation diabetic patient: HCL performed the first pancreas transplantation in Europe and is a founding member of the GRAGIL network established in 1999 to develop islet transplantation. The HCL, in collaboration with INSERM unit 1111 (CIRI) is actively involved in translational research. Through a multidisciplinary approach combining, immunology, cell biology, and clinical research, plus a strong interface with the industry, the CIRI intends to be a research centre opened to therapeutic innovation. Within CIRI, using the cutting-edge research facilities available on the site, the research group led by Prof Thaunat combines in depth analysis of clinical samples and murine experimental models to gain insights into the immunological mechanisms responsible for allograft rejection.