Online Resource: New Horizons in the Management of ADA-SCID

New Horizons in the Management of ADA-SCID is a free online resource for healthcare professionals who are presented with ADA-SCID to understand the biology of the disease, know how to screen for it, and be aware of the current and emerging treatments. The resource is led by an Editorial Board comprising Andrew Gennery, Fabio Candotti and Robbert Bredius and offers:

  • Summaries of the latest published articles
  • Interviews with the leading experts
  • Webcast on clinical practice
  • Case studies to learn and test knowledge on extra immunological aspects, newborn screening methods and clinical presentation
  • Specialist directory of ADA-SCID specialist centres around the world
  • Coming soon:
    • Video interviews providing insight from the patient/care and nurse
    • Panel discussion webcast on gene therapy and best practice